If you’re experiencing any discomfort in your back, you have most likely thought of getting a massage to provide muscular relief. The question is, which type of massage should you get? From Swedish to hot stone to prenatal, there are all different types of massages that target different areas of your body to provide unique benefits. A Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage are two very popular massages, but they are slightly different. Today we’re going to break down what both massage techniques are in order to provide you more clarity and information on what massage your body would benefit most from. Let’s get started!

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the foundation of all other types of massages, like sports and deep tissue massages. The goal of a Swedish massage is to relax your entire body — not just your back. Techniques used in these types of massages include long strokes along the muscles, which in turn increases blood circulation to your heart. Circular rubbing and kneading techniques are also used to break up any knots and adhesions, ultimately bringing much needed relief to your muscles. Along with increasing muscle relaxation, Swedish massages have other health benefits including tension and anxiety reduction, improved blood circulation and relief from any muscular pains.

Swedish massages are therapeutic, and the intensity of the massage is up to you. Whether your muscles need more intense work or if you want a relaxing and gentle rub, let your massage therapist know so they can accommodate your needs. And before your massage appointment, make sure you inform your therapist of any injuries, conditions or allergies you have to ensure your experience is beneficial and you leave feeling relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to Swedish massages, deep tissue massages focus on relieving muscle tension and knots. What makes the two types of massages different is the intensity of the techniques. While Swedish massages focus on the entire body, deep tissue massages are more concentrated on a specific part of your body to bring maximum relief for chronic pain in certain muscles and joints. A deep tissue massage is the method of choice for treating muscle injuries, scar tissue and painful knots and adhesions. If you are suffering from chronic pain in any area of your back, behind your shoulders, on your neck, or if you’re experiencing limited mobility in any part of your body, you will find the most relief from a deep tissue massage. That being said, the effects of a deep tissue massage are felt a day or two after the appointment. During the massage, you may feel discomfort in your muscles, but that is normal. Having your muscles deeply massaged and those uncomfortable back knots broken apart can be intense, but you will feel the physical benefits and muscular relief from your massage a few days after. Scheduling regular deep tissue massages will further your muscle improvement and bring lasting relief, so definitely consider making deep tissue massages a part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine.
Thinking of getting a Swedish or deep-tissue massage to relieve and relax your muscles? We offer both services at Escapes Massage Therapy. Schedule your appointment today and enjoy the relaxation that comes with massage therapy.