If you’re an expecting mother and want to experience a massage treatment, you’re in luck. Here at Escapes Massage Therapy, we specialize in all types of massage, including prenatal massage. Getting a massage while pregnant provides incredible benefits to you, physically and mentally. Your body is carrying and sustaining another life, so why wouldn’t you want to give yourself some well-deserved time to relax during a massage? Read along to learn three of the benefits that come with pregnancy massages.

Nerve, Muscle And Joint Pain Reduction

When pregnant, the weight of the baby lays on surrounding muscles and joints, oftentimes causing nerve pain and sciatica in the pelvis area and lower back. There is a lot of pressure put on joints and nerves all throughout your back and legs. A prenatal massage provides relief in these areas by releasing tension, relaxing muscles and reducing back pain.

Lowered Swelling

Swelling in the arms, feet and ankles, often called “edema” is caused by fluids and lots of pressure in your body’s tissues during pregnancy. A prenatal massage relieves the tissue, drains the fluid and ultimately reduces swelling in these areas. By getting a massage, you will remove tissue waste and lower the swelling in your arm and feet areas. Plus, you’ll feel relaxed!

Relief From Hormonal Anxiety And Depression

When you incorporate prenatal massages into your routine when pregnant, you will positively affect your hormone levels. Focusing on relaxing your mind and body during your pregnancy impacts your mood and affects the hormones associated with anxiety and depression. Prenatal massages are very therapeutic and will immensely benefit your pregnancy experience.

The benefits incorporated into prenatal massages will provide you with some relaxation and relief during your time being pregnant. Reduce swelling and pain, and boost your mood by treating yourself to a prenatal massage. Learn more and schedule an appointment at Escapes Massage Therapy today!