Scheduling regular massage appointments is seen as a luxury. Carving out an hour or more of your week to lay on your stomach while someone massages out the knots and tension in your back? It’s sounds pretty luxurious for sure. But if this is keeping you away from experiencing a massage on your own, it’s time this mindset changes.

There are incredible benefits of massage therapy. From releasing tension and breaking up back knots, to aiding in your body’s blood circulation and relieving stress, it’s a wonder why massage therapy isn’t required by everyone’s physician. In fact, an article published on Forbes in 2016 discusses why executives in the professional landscape should get massages regularly. It’s true — massage therapy can boost your efficiency and workflow in the business world. If you struggle with a foggy mind, an aching back, or just general discomfort while at work, it’s time for you to schedule a massage.

In today’s post, we’re going to be discussing how massage therapy can benefit your work life. If you’re interested in learning how your productivity and creativity can be boosted, continue reading, and be sure to schedule a massage appointment at Escapes Massage Therapy today.

Stimulate Creativity

When was the last time you felt stressed out at work? Perhaps five minutes ago? When you experience stress and are only focused on the current problem at hand, it is difficult to see the full picture and come to a conclusion and a solution. Stress can be blinding and crippling, especially in the professional world. And yes, massage therapy can help this. Simply by sitting down to let your body relax, you’re letting your mind relax, too. When you step away from the problem and let your mind clear and calm down, you will find that you can come to solution more effectively.

Increase Productivity

With regular massages, your overall productivity will increase. Why? Well, like mentioned above, when you sit down to relax your body and your mind for even just a few minutes, you are letting your brain recharge, allowing fresh ideas to flow through. Massages not only relieve tension in your body, but also your mind. And with a clear mind, you will experience a work productivity like never before.

Reduce Back And Neck Pain

Chances are you are sitting in a chair behind your computer for hours on end during the day, and perhaps you are feeling the discomfort of being stationary in your back, neck, and surrounding muscles and joints. A Swedish or deep tissue massage can bring relief to those aching areas on your body, while breaking up tension and knots. You’ll not only loosen up any aches, but your immune system will also benefit. Research shows that therapeutic massages can prevent sickness, especially in the winter months. Massage therapy increases the amount of white blood cells in your body, which fight off viruses and sickness. If you’re worried about catching the cold or flu in the petri dish of your work office, schedule regular massages.

Massages not only feel good, but they have physical health benefits that will be seen in your work. Whether you are wanting to get those creative juices flowing, release tension in your neck and back, prevent sickness, or all three, then massage therapy is for you. Don’t wait any longer to give your body and mind the treatment it deserves. Schedule your massage at Escapes Massage Therapy today.