There is no doubt that massage therapy has incredible benefits. From relieving pressure from uncomfortable back knots to increasing your blood circulation to providing you with a place to unwind and destress mentally and physically, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason as to why you shouldn’t get a massage. That being said, perhaps what has kept you away from the massage studio is not knowing what to expect. We get it — getting a massage can be intimidating. Putting yourself in close quarters with a stranger, not to mention having to take off most if not all of your clothing, and getting rubbed down can make anyone’s anxiety levels rise.

While you should never be forced to get a massage, we want to offer you some advice for those of you who are hesitant about what to expect from a session. Like aforementioned, the benefits of getting regular massages can help you in a variety ways, including your professional work and your mental health. Learning the proper etiquette can help you feel more comfortable walking into the doors of the studio. Knowing what to expect from your massage session is one thing, but knowing what you are expected to do and bring is another. In order to help you feel more prepared and confident when walking in for your appointment, continue reading to learn massage therapy etiquette.

Massage Etiquette Tips For Beginners

What To Bring With You

While you don’t need much for your massage, there are a few items that you will be thankful you packed along, like a water bottle and comfortable change of clothes. Your therapist will offer you a bottle of water after your session, but it is still a good idea to pack a bottle along with you. Hydration is essential for recovering from a massage. As for comfortable clothes, it’s best to bring something loose to put on afterwards to continue the comfy, relaxing feeling you experienced during the session.

Tell Your Therapist Any Information They Should Know

If you have any health problems, it’s essential that you inform your therapist before your session. This includes any injuries or allergies you have, in addition to any preferences you may want to voice. If you are heading in for your very first massage session, you might not know exactly what part of your body you want the therapist to focus on. Let them know this, and they can use their expertise to find areas of tensions and knots to work on.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

Massages require a certain level of vulnerability because you are allowing someone to touch your body. That said, it’s imperative that you are comfortable. If you don’t feel safe and relaxed in the environment, you won’t experience the full benefits of the massage. When it comes to stripping down, undress to your level of comfort. Your therapist will work around what is most comfortable for you. Your priority is to feel as relaxed and at home in the session, so don’t think you have to push your comfort levels in order to get the most out of the experience.

Communicate Throughout The Session

Again, this is incredibly important for your first massage. While you may feel uncomfortable speaking up during the massage at first, you will soon learn that letting your therapist know what feels uncomfortable, what hurts, or even specific locations on your body you want to be focused on will only benefit you throughout the massage. Your therapist is the expert, but they won’t know how their techniques are affecting your body, so be sure to keep them in the know, informing them if they are using too much pressure or if they could be using more. Communication is key for getting the most out of your massage.

Be Sure To Tip

Just like getting your hair done or going out for dinner, you are expected to tip your masseuse when paying for your massage. An appropriate percentage is between 15 and 20 percent. This shows your appreciation for your therapist and the bodywork they did.

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