Part of a healthy skin care routine are facials. Book one of our facials for healthy, fresh, and glowing skin! A facial at Escapes is multi-faceted — treat yourself to a facial steam, mask, cleansing, and exfoliation to benefit your skin — so unwind and leave your skincare to the professionals!

Facials are not only deeply relaxing, but a high-quality facial works to detoxify your skin to remove oil buildup, dirt, bacteria, and environmental toxins. A facial also has amazing age-defying benefits as the facial massage improves blood circulation and oxygenation, thus stimulating collagen production!

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30-Minute Swedish Massage

There are so many types of massage that it’s hard to know which type of massage you’ll most benefit from. Swedish massage is one of the most common and popular types of massage. This type of bodywork is performed solely to relax the entire body through long, descending strokes that help circulate blood back to the heart.

If you’re in search of a massage that is gentle yet effective in improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins all while easing muscle tension and lifting stress, Swedish massage is the massage for you.

At Escapes, we tailor each Swedish massage to your specific needs! Book a Swedish massage today!

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Swedish Massage

Did you know Swedish massage didn’t even originate in Sweden? In Europe, what we refer to as “Swedish massage” is actually considered a “classic massage” that was only conceptualized by a dutch bodyworker.

All of our Swedish massage sessions will include a body of techniques including lymph drainage, manual manipulation of joints and muscles, a circular pressure applied through the palms and hands that incorporate vibration and percussion.

Swedish massage is wonderful for sore, achy muscles and can increase your range of motion in the days following.

For supple muscles and joints and improved digestion, book a Swedish massage with us today!

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90-Minute Swedish Massage


If you’re in the mood for a massage — you know the ambiance — a dimly lit room that smells delightfully relaxing and nestling under a sheet that all works prepare you for the stress-relief you’ll experience from a Swedish massage.


A Swedish massage goes far beyond just a massage, though. There are many benefits you’ll experience when you get regular bodywork from a massage therapist. Research has linked Swedish massage to a host of benefits including:

  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Headache reduction
  • Pain management
  • Immune support
  • Easing carpal tunnel issues
  • Reducing symptoms in arthritis


To take advantage of all the benefits of Swedish massage, book with us today!

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Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re body is in need of more specific attention, a deep tissue massage goes deeper than your traditional Swedish massage. A deep tissue massage is centered around the fascia — your body’s web of connective tissue that supports, encompasses, and permeates the workings of your muscles, bones, organs, and nerves. This type of massage effectively treats and manages movement by releasing muscles and fascial buildup. This buildup affects the muscles as a result of inactivity, injury, poor posture, repetitive motions, and inflammation.

When you get a deep tissue massage at Escapes, our massage therapists incorporate fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and fists to manipulate the fascia layers.

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Deep Tissue Deluxe Massage ▼

The massage therapist will get deep in the muscle tissue to improve your overall circulation and muscle wellness. With the assistance of Biofreeze and Prossage oil, this treatment will leave you feeling amazing.
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90-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

There are some common misconceptions of deep tissue massage, and one of them is that it’s a very painful type of bodywork. To clear up this misconception, you should know, a deep tissue massage shouldn’t ever be painful. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but never painful. A highly skilled massage therapist should work slowly and within your body’s tolerance, so communication between you and the bodyworker is crucial. Each layer of fascia and muscle will be stretched and manipulated carefully without any damage or agony. It’s typical to be sore and tender after a deep tissue massage, but you should feel better and not worse in the days following.

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Hot Stone Massage ▼

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot stone massage at Escapes, as the warmth of the stones melt away tension and ease muscle strain — it’s the ultimate stress-reducer! The stones that are typically used are of a volcanic basalt variety because they retain heat. The stones reach a temperature between 130 and 145 degrees and are placed along the body.

Stones may be placed in the following body regions including:

  • Along your stomach
  • Along your spine
  • On your feet
  • On your toes
  • On your face
  • On your chest

Bodyworkers may incorporate the hot stones in a massage and use them for circular and vibrational movements, in addition to long strokes.

Feel your muscle tension melt, and book a hot stone massage today!

We place smooth, flat, and heated rocks on the key points of your body. Please provide us with a four-hour notice if you are interested in our hot stone services.
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90-Minute Hot Stone Massage ▼

We place smooth, flat, and heated rocks on the key points of your body. Please provide us with 4-hour notice if you are interested in our hot stone services.
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Reflexology is also referred to foot reflexology and is a therapy based on the philosophy that each part of our hands and feet correspond to a major organ or muscle in the body. The hand and feet have a “roadmap” to the body, and for example, your toes correspond with your sinuses and the heel of your foot with your pelvis.  

When pressure is applied to a specific area, the idea that one will find relief in the body area it corresponds to. Reflexology is wonderful for relaxation and circulation, and overall balance in the body.  

Add a reflexology service when you book a massage!

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Aromatherapy Massage

The benefits of aromatherapy has surfaced in studies and many practitioners have begun incorporating this therapeutic technique into their practices, and at Escapes you can reap the benefits of an aromatherapy massage!

Aromatherapy implements essential oils to promote overall health and wellness. Essential oils are derived from botanicals such as lavender and orange that bring with them a unique healing profile.

In an aromatherapy massage, the massage therapist will blend either a single-note or blend of essential oils with a carrier oil to tailor a massage specifically to what you need.

Book an aromatherapy massage today and get the power of plants in your next massage!

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Prenatal Massage ▼

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complimentary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massages relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (swelling).
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For Couples

Couples Massage ▼

You can now enjoy the comforts and relaxation of the Escapes massage experience simultaneously with your significant other!
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1.5 hour Couples massage ▼

You can now enjoy the comforts and relaxation of the Escapes massage experience simultaneously with your significant other!
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  • A 60- minute session included 50 minutes of hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing. A 90 minute session includes 80 minutes hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.