If you’re on social media these days, you’ll likely run into influencers who give demonstrations with an ice roller or the glamorous jade rollers. Both have been touted as the next best thing in skincare to reduce inflammation, redness, and puffiness — and they may even firm and lift the skin!

With an abundance of facial treatments available, how does a facial massage compare? In today’s blog, we’ll explore intricacies of facial massage and how they can benefit your skincare routine.

The Benefits of a Facial Massage

Besides the stress relief and complete body melt you experience when you get a facial massage, a facial massage is extremely beneficial for your complexion. If you are a person who tends to not eat the healthiest diet or are prone to facial bloating, this type of massage can help reduce the look of fatigue, wrinkles, fines lines, inflammation, and redness — and there is a specific technique to do so.

How many muscles are in the face?

There are 43 muscles in your face, so the fact that most of us don’t get a facial massage on a regular basis is somewhat confusing. We get full body massages for stress relief and muscle recovery, so why not add a facial massage in the repertoire? Facial massage can help ease tension and provide a reprieve to those who grind their teeth.

What happens to the skin after a facial massage?

When you receive a facial massage it immediately targets blood flow and oxygen to the area, which helps increase collagen production. Collagen is beneficial to our skin because it’s the compound that keeps our skin springy and dewy providing that sought after youthful glow.

The skin is lazy, wake it up!

The integumentary system (our skin) is our largest organ, but it’s also the laziest! It needs help getting things like blood and oxygen moving, so receiving a facial massage helps wake it up which makes it more accepting of facial products such as serums and lotions that benefit it even further!

A facial massage has both short-term and long-term effects that make it so beneficial. Not only can it help decrease inflammation and redness, it can also speed up healing and damage over time by increasing the circulation.

In a nutshell…

A facial massage is wonderful for things including:

  • Relieving tension
  • Increasing circulation
  • Increasing product absorption
  • Increasing blood flow and collagen production
  • Restoring a glowing, youthful complexion

Now that you know why facial massages are beneficial, getting one regularly at Escapes Massage Therapy will make your skin care routine that much better. If you have lag time between now and the appointment, here a couple massage techniques you can try at home.

  • Use lifting motions around your neck and jawline
  • To smooth fine lines and wrinkles, use inward and outward strokes
  • If you suffer from headaches or sinus issues, apply pressure from your brow working outwards, using the same technique under your eyes and your temples.

To boost circulation, collagen production, and relieve tension, schedule a facial massage with one of our skilled massage therapists today.